Staff Page Code Generator - Links to an Individual Staff Page

Produces code for one staff person at a time. Use this when your Staff bios are long. In this case, you will have a page or blog post for each Staff person. You can use this code generator to link each Staff pic on your Staff page to whatever you want to, but in most cases you will link each Staff person's pic to a page or blog post you've created for that Staff person. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use this code generator.

We're still developing this code generator and need feedback! Let us know if it works (or not!). Click here to provide feedback.

Staff Name:

Staff Title/Role:

Link (URL) that you want this Staff pic to link to (this is the URL for this Staff persons page/blog post e.g.

Staff Image Filepath (e.g. /Websites/MYSITE/images/MYEXAMPLESTAFFPHOTO.jpg): (MYSITE won't be capitalized for you, and MYEXAMPLESTAFFPHOTO probably won't) (Click here for instuctions on how to get this)